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*holds your hand until my hand gets sweaty than wipes it on my shirt and holds your hand again*

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I wake up each
morning wanting
more of you.

First, it was your
lips, then it was
your hands, now

it is your heart.
Now, it is always
your heart.

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I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care. (via chelseachiodos)

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I crush her against me. I want to be part of her. Not just inside her but all around her. I want our rib cages to crack open and our hearts to migrate and merge. I want our cells to braid together like living thread. Isaac Marion (via soulsscrawl)

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Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via larmoyante)

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Ferry Passengers
I am eternally, devastatingly romantic, and I thought people would see it because ‘romantic’ doesn’t mean ‘sugary.’ It’s dark and tormented — the furor of passion, the despair of an idealism that you can’t attain. Catherine Breillat, The Last Mistress (via dwsc)

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